Thursday, March 8, 2007

IELTS Writing 2-Good health and fitness

Recently, people become very aware of achieving good health and fitness. Many efforts are done by people to stay healthy. But some of them just lead normal life to be healthy. I believe that normal life is not enough. We need to do sports, take preventative medicine, but not necessarily special diets for some reasons.

Firstly, by doing sports we can get healthier body and fresher mind. It is proved by some research that exercising can burn calories in our body. As we know that over calories in our body can cause some diseases, such as, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, and many more. Besides physically healthy we will be also healthy mentally by exercising. Sports can be also entertainment for us. After doing our routine, exercising is a kind of pleasure to do.

Secondly, some medicines and vitamins will help us to obtain enough nutrition for our body. Sometimes we eat much but we don’t really care about the composition of the nutrition. So, to supply enough nutrition we also need some preventative medicines and vitamins. For example, vitamin C, B complex, vitamin E capsules, which are easy to get in stores.

Commonly, special diets are thought to be good. However, in my opinion special diets are unnecessary to do because engaging in special diets even make us stress with the rules. It can also bring some problems to our health if we do it in the wrong way, such as lack of nutrition.

In conclusion, I maintain that to get healthy life, doing normal life is not enough. First, we need to do sports to get healthy body and mind. Second, we also need to take preventative medicine to fulfil our nutrition, but no need to do special diets. So that we can achieve good health and fitness.


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Ubaya Language Center said...

Bu Erni,
Excellent work, congrats! You organized points very clearly, and even in the fourth paragraph you make it clear that you are against strict diet.